• Allows protection at the top of sheaths that emerge on roofs and roof terraces
  •  Thicknesses and materials: 15 / 10th galvanized steel leg with stopper, 8 / 10th galvanized steel or 15 / 10th aluminum cap
  •  With stainless steel tilting head collar


Ref. Diameter A

(in mm)

Tube diameters B

(in mm)

CHAPEAU-250 Ø250 Ø83 à Ø125
CHAPEAU-310 Ø310 Ø125 à Ø153
CHAPEAU-360 Ø360 Ø125 à Ø180
CHAPEAU-390 Ø390 Ø153 à Ø180
CHAPEAU-430 Ø430 Ø180 à Ø250